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The UPS Store in 651 Lombard Road

The UPS Store in 651 Lombard Road, Pennsylvania: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.



651 Lombard Road,
Red Lion, Pennsylvania
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+1 717-246-7670

Opening hours The UPS Store: Open now

Today: 08:30 am — 07:00 pm

08:30 am — 07:00 pm
08:30 am — 07:00 pm
08:30 am — 07:00 pm
08:30 am — 07:00 pm
08:30 am — 07:00 pm
08:30 am — 02:00 pm

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Customer Reviews about The UPS Store:

  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I went in there to drop off my xfinity things. Box was taped up, they were to only ship it back. The guy opened the box and starting taking stuff out. Then he wanted to charge me to ship an unopened box that HE opened up with a box cutter. And then on another occasion, the same man was on the phone while i stood waiting for over 10 minutes while he talked on the phone. I said can you help me and he puts his finger up like "hold on" and then he walks away still on the phone. On another occasion i went in and asked to ship a package and the girl looked at me like i had 4 heads. Very rude group of people. Avoid going there unless you have to. Use the post office or postal connections accross the street.
    By Leigh Ann, September 08, 2017
  • As owner of Broadway Transmission I rely on Ralph and staff for printing, business cards and shipping. Always top notch friendly and professional service.
    By brian winograd, July 17, 2017
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I went there today since the usps store was closed and I couldn't wait for the next morning to ship the two items I were going to send to two people (in different states) who wanted it so I went there instead. By the time I've gone inside, I grabbed both small envelopes to put each item in and went to the check in to tell the addresses and get the shipping labels printed to put on the two envelopes from the lady. So, she asked "my" phone number and when I answered half-way, she cut me off and had the nerve to raise her tone and get ugly with me, asking me what was "their" phone number. I was shocked and confused. What the heck was she being rude to me for? She was the one asking about mine's. I don't know what was going on with her. Yet, she changes the subject and changes her attitude to being nice like nothing bad happened. Seriously? Is that what you treat customers like that? Luckily, both of the items got shipped, paid the total, and walked out of the store. I will never go to any UPS store, again. I recommend to go to another postal office. That lady will treat you like you're the "idiot" and she's the "smart" one.
    By anna embuscado, April 26, 2017
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I was at this store about noon on 4/26/2016. This day was going badly for me. I had an important sheet to fax, but only one side of the paper had to be sent. After the clerk faxed the page, he handed it back to me upside down. I asked him to confirm what side of the page he faxed. He said he couldn't. He took the page from me to fax again. Then, a sheet printed from his machine. It was a proof of fax sheet, which showed he had faxed the correct side. Then, to my surprise, he faxed the sheet again, even though there was no reason for him to do so. He charged me for both faxes. I was in a terrible place, but I was nothing but polite. I had my four-year-old with me, who was being wonderfully patient as I dragged him around on errands. I didn't have time to quibble over the bill, but I tell you, that clerk is a jerk.
    By Matthew Anderson, November 10, 2016
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About The UPS Store in Red Lion

The UPS Store is business services based in Pennsylvania.
The UPS Store is located at 651 Lombard Road, Red Lion, Pennsylvania. You can find The UPS Store opening hours, address, driving directions and map, phone numbers and photos. Find helpful customer reviewsand write your own review to rate the business service.

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